Answering your burning energy questions

Energy expert Dru Widdowson recently hosted our first Twitter Q&A inviting businesses from across Calderdale to tweet their queries about energy management.

In case you missed it we’ve put together a handful of the most popular questions and our responses.

Q: What kind of things does the energy audit cover and do you offer any sort of training for staff and businesses on how to make the workplace more energy efficient?

A: It covers everything! The buildings, energy invoices, even the staff. We specialise in staff training as we believe they can make all the difference for a lot of businesses.

Q: Why should businesses in Calderdale join the purchasing scheme?

A: We work hard to secure savings for all our clients and over the past 12 months members of the 6C Energy scheme have saved over £300,000 on their energy.

Q: We’re only a small café, would we still benefit from joining the scheme?

A: Absolutely, we look at your current plan and audit your energy bills before recommending the best contract to help you reduce how much you use and spend.

Q: How easy is it for schools to manage their own energy purchasing strategy? Do you offer assistance?

A: We understand that purchasing can be time consuming and confusing, which is why we’re on hand to help with everything from choosing the right plan to managing invoices. We’re currently helping 20 schools in Calderdale already!

Q: How often should we review our energy prices?

A: We recommend reviewing your contracts regularly. At 6C we review the markets everyday on your behalf and let you know when the best time to buy is. You can find more information on our energy purchasing services here.

Q: What are the advantages of group buying energy schemes like 6C, rather than doing it alone?

A: Group buying gives businesses access to more products, better rates, council support and the opportunity to share knowledge with other 6C members.

Q: How easy is it to switch energy supplier for Brighouse businesses?

A: As there’s lots of choice when it comes to commercial contracts we work with businesses to guide them through the decision, based on what is going to be best for them.

Dru will be hosting a second Q&A live on Twitter on 20th October at 11am. The topic will be the upcoming deregulation of the water market and what this will mean for your business. So if you’d like to send in a question about your water bills and how to switch suppler, tweet us @6CEnergy using the hashtag #ASKDru.