Caroline Jamieson takes the reins of 6C Energy


After recently passing the half-century milestone, Orchard Energy’s new business executive Caroline Jamieson has been tasked with delivering 6C’s next milestone.

Operated in partnership with Calderdale Council, our energy club is designed to help businesses and organisations across Calderdale reduce their energy overheads and manage their carbon footprint.

The first 50 businesses, organisations, charities and schools to sign up saved an average of 17% on their gas bills and 4.9% on their electricity bills, and further savings are expected as the scheme targets 100 sign-ups.

With more than ten years of experience working in the energy industry, Jamieson says she is relishing the opportunity to pro-actively engage with businesses and commercial energy users across Calderdale.

She explained: “We are constantly analysing the energy market so that we are able to make recommendations to clients, while our collective purchasing power means we are able to deliver significant savings to business of all sizes.

“So far, I’ve visited factories, quarries, care homes, and organisations large and small, but the aim is always the same. It’s great to just have a chat and gain an understanding of how the business consumes its energy, and what we can do to help them.

“6C is passionate about supporting the business community of Calderdale, by helping them get the best deal from energy suppliers, while reducing their carbon footprint. It’s really informal and there’s no commitment; it’s just a cup of tea and a chat.”